About Us

Welcome to The Pearl Outlet, your family-owned wholesale source for fine pearl jewelry.

The Shepherd Family

The Pearl Outlet is a family owned and run business, specializing exclusively in elegantly fine, premium quality, artisan crafted pearl jewelry and fully dedicated to go the extra mile and do what it takes to answer any and all the questions that you might have about pearls and pearl jewelry.

A welcome throwback to “the good old days,” The Pearl Outlet was specifically designed to be a “safe-haven,” wholesale hub for fine pearl jewelry, where people can take advantage of the company’s GIA Certified expertise and world-wide, insider industry connections and sources, without any of the stress of high pressure, sales tactics commonly utilized by jewelers seeking to push whatever over-stocked, over-priced items are gathering dust in their current warehouse inventory.

Fully devoted to the time-tested principle of “going the extra mile” to build long-lasting, trusted and friendly relationships “one person at a time,” by truly listening to what each person needs and says, the Shepherd’s bring that personal “human touch,” expertise and customer commitment to your shopping experience, that those large boxy, corporate warehouse stores can’t possibly deliver and those trendy, high-priced, posh boutiques can’t be bothered with.

The Pearl Outlet focuses all of their time, energy and attention on helping you to find the absolute “perfect match” for your top of the line, premium quality Pearl Jewelry needs, whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, a friend, associate, family member or that ultimate “memory making” gift for a holiday, wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special occasion!

Offering only the finest in pearl jewelry at wholesale prices, the Shepherds take their extensive expertise in pearls all across the globe in order to bring back the most amazing deals on the planet, buying only the optimum, "cream of the crop” pearls directly from the top rated pearl farms where they’re produced. By cutting “the middleman” completely out of the process, they’re in the position to bring all of that savings back home to you.

Deeply desiring and dedicatedly drawn to help make the world a better, safer and healthier place, all the way from the local community to the very farthest reaches of the planet, The Shepherds consistently give to, support, promote and actively participate in numerous charities, selflessly and generously giving of both their personal time and finances, as well as portions of their company’s proceeds, to a host of charitable organizations such as:

IAM Children's Orphanage: Helping AIDS victims in Uganda, Africa

SMART: Transforming our children's future through reading.

Compassion International: Releasing children from their poverty.

Got Questions? Crystal Shepherd is always happy to hear from you and looks forward to the opportunity to learn precisely what your specific situation is in order to effectively share her vast wealth of expertise, information and helpful tips as she devotes her day to managing the company office, overseeing many day-to-day operations and devoting her time and attention to personally addressing any and all customer questions, requests and needs.

Remember, “The only silly question … is the one that you never bother to ask!”