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Akoya pearls

Akoya Pearls

Fine Japanese Akoya saltwater pearls, with their awe-inspiring luster and stunning brilliance, are truly the diamonds of the sea. Akoya pearls have long been a traditional symbol of elegance and beauty, and they are the most popular of all pearl types.

The Pearl Outlet maintains the highest standards of quality and consistency. Only the top 10% of the pearl harvest meets the strict quality standards of The Pearl Outlet. We guarantee to not only meet your expectations of pearl quality, but to exceed them in every aspect.

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To keep our grading scale easy to understand and informative we have used an internationally recognized grading scale, which ranges from a high of AAA to a low of A.




They are stunning! And they cost less than a quarter of what I would have paid for Mikimoto earrings!

Mary Ann from Virginia

Product: Akoya Pearl Earrings - 8.5mm AAA


The AAA Akoya studs and pendant set in WG that you sent are stunning. Lovely rose overtone, outstanding luster -- they look like Mikimotos' best.

Johanna from Massachusetts

Product: White Akoya Pendant and Earrings - 7.5mm AAA