June Birthstone Pearl

June’s birthstone, the magnificently elegant, iridescently radiant and exclusively organic Pearl has always had a very powerfully emotional connection and intimate sense of personal affinity with those born in the 6th month of the year.

Of course, pearls have long been passionately cherished and deeply adored all across the globe, “from sea to shining sea,” quite appropriately, since this rare gem comes is the only one on Earth created by a living creature from the depths of the vitally vibrant sea, bountifully teaming with life, treasure and mystery!

Clearly the esteemed value of the pearl throughout the entire world is such that, with only 12 months existing in a year, the pearl was chosen to represent June,

For vast centuries, pre-dating written history and going back distant eons, all the way back to the times of purely spoken folklore and recited mythology the pearl has been regarded as the perfect representation of the ultimately valued qualities of purity, loyalty, integrity, friendship, courage, health, modesty, strength, bravery, faithfulness and ultimate intellectual and spiritual attainment or enlightenment.

Ancient Greek mythology taught that pearls were the hardened “tears of joy” that came from the eyes of Aphrodite, their “goddess of love” (much later known to the Romans as Venus) as she was born, rising out of the seas on the giant half shell of a magnificent oyster.

Arabian legend tells us that pearls were formed when oysters were seductively lured up from the depths of the ocean floor by the beautiful moon where they then swallowed moonlit dewdrops that became pearls.

Throughout Asia, pearls were revered as dewdrops from heaven that solidified when they fell into the sea. They were caught by shellfish under the first rays of the rising sun, during a period of a full moon. Ancient Chinese folklore taught that pearls grew inside the brains of mighty dragons.

For ages, many Christian scholars referred to the pearl as a symbolic “archetype” representation of Christ, coming into the world under the most humble and lowly of circumstances to bring luminescent light and joy into the world. Throughout the Bible, pearls are held in great esteem, from “The Pearly Gates of Heaven” to the revealed vision of the gates of the “New Jerusalem” and the warning not to cast your pearls before swine.

For graduations, weddings, birthdays and any other occasion that calls for a truly memorable heirloom gift that will be cherished and treasured forever and physically last numerous generations of life-times, the obvious, ultimate choice is the June Birthstone … the lovely, luminescent and lustrous pearl.