Tahitian Pearls: Bedazzling Beauty - Direct From Paradise Itself!


The exhilarating and overwhelming beauty of “Tahitian Pearl Jewelry” has long been consistently recounted throughout history, by treasure-hunting travelers, spanning the globe in search of the most valuable, awe-inspiring artifacts and jewels known to mankind.

To begin with, Tahitian Pearls are extremely rare, harvested exclusively from the giant black-lipped “Pinctada Margaratifera” oyster, most often found in and around the majestic pearl producing waters of French Polynesia.

As a matter of fact, the “Tahitian Black Pearl” has the honored distinction and respected rarity of being the only “naturally black” pearl found in existence. So while beauty most definitely plays a major factor in determining the value of this amazing “wonder of the world,” its extreme rarity and uniqueness certainly adds to list of highly valued assets that place Tahitian Pearly Jewelry at the very top of most people’s list.   

The “Pinctada Margaratifera” oyster is known for its enormous size, often found to be up to a full foot across in width and weighing in at up to ten pounds. This mighty, massive oyster, once very nearly hunted into extinction because of its spectacularly colorful and lustrous “Mother Of Pearl” shells, is world renowned for producing some of the largest (often ranging from 9mm to 16mm in size) and most brilliantly beautiful pearls on the planet.   


The pearls themselves are equally unique and rare due to their 100% natural, deeply, dark glistening hue. These Tahitian Pearls range in color and brilliance from pure, dazzling “Black” … to the elegantly illuminated “Eggplant,” as well as a full rainbow color spectrum in-between, including various eye-catching shades as “PurpleGreen, AuberginePeacockSilverCharcoalPistachio” and of course, the ever popular, vibrantly scintillating “Peacock!”

Currently all the rage within today’s latest “Haute Couture” (high fashion) culture, The Peacock Tahitian Pearl, with it’s luminous spectrum of overtones emanating in  brilliant variant hues of blues, greens and purples that elegantly reflect even the most subtle tones of one’s wardrobe like a luminescent and variegated prism. 

The fascinating visual effect of this awe inspiring, spectral display of color is the “illusion” that a single set of Peacock Tahitian Pearl Jewelry (Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet and Ring) creates, leaving the distinct impression in the “eyes of the beholders,” that you are in the possession of a vast and treasured collection of distinct, heirloom pieces! Variety truly is the spice of life - even if you only own a single set of our elegantly classic, fashionably cultured … “Peacock Tahitian Pearl Jewelry.”