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The world famous and legendary 'Akoya Pearl'; is by far, the most popular, truly beloved and deeply valued pearl on the face of Planet Earth. When someone says that they’d lovea pearl necklace or set of earrings, they naturally assume that you understand that they’re talking about Akoya Pearls. This is due to the fact that Akoya pearls were the first pearls to be cultured and produced under controlled conditions back in the early 20th century. This meant that for the very first time in history, someone outside of the ranks of Royalty or the “Rich and Famous” could own pearl jewelry.

Therefore, as the first premium quality pearl to ever to fall into the hands of non-aristocrats, the classic, traditional Akoya naturally became the pearl that 9 out of 10 people automatically picture in their minds when they hear or read the word “pearl!”  Another factor that led to the Akoya becoming the most prominently popular pearl is the very cold temperature of the ocean water in Japan and China where they first originated. The frigid water temperature effectively slows down the biological pearl production processes taking place inside the oyster. That additional time serves to provide a prolonged growth process that serves to create a superior, “mega-pearl” that simply out-classes all of its pearl competition in each and every single category that a pearl is judged, rated and valued in. For example, the extended cultivation period naturally leads to pearls with much thicker and far superior “nacre” quality.” The pearl’s nacre thickness affects the over-all luminescent luster, clarity of color and internal integrity of the pearl. Thick nacre means the pearl will be strong, durable and able to stand up to stress, time, and pressure for generations to come.  That means beauty, luster and endurance to last several life-times.

Speaking of luster, the Akoya is prized around the world for its mirror-like shine and sparkling reflection of light, both through the pearl and off of the surface of the pearl. The high quality Akoya’s shimmering finish and radiant brilliance create a near psychedelic “laser light’ display known in lay terms as “Mother of Pearl"! By all means, the Akoya is by expert standards, the undisputed “Mother” of all “Mother of Pearl!”

The Akoya comes from the smallest pearl producing oyster found on earth. This oyster averages in size a mere, diminutive 4 inches in diameter. Therefore, it has a natural built in genetic advantage in its ability to bring forth a plentiful harvest of meticulously intricate, precision consistency, “miniature pearls” of superior quality, averaging out at just 7 mm in size.

This clearly makes the Akoya the reigning champion of pearls when it comes to consistent “matching.” Matching is the ease with which a large number of pearls can be gathered together sharing the same basic physical characteristics and qualities that make them all look as much alike as possible.

Thus, the Akoya is the perfect pearl when it comes to designing and creating sets of perfectly matched, “multiple pearl strands,” such as the ever popular and quite gorgeously awe-inspiring Akoya sets of matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Another aspect that brings superior value to the art of pearl matching is shape. Once again, this is where the perfectly round Akoya blows its competition out of the water. The consistency of their perfectly spherical, globe shape ensures that the vast majority of these pearls are ranked "excellent" in the category of size and shape matching.

The Akoya’s surface condition is usually quite remarkably clear and smooth with very few noticeable pits, wrinkles, cracks, bumps, inconsistencies in nacre quality, dull spots, blemishes or discolorations. Speaking of color, while Akoyas can be found in a relatively wide variety of colors, shades and hues, they’re most usually sought out and therefore sold in the traditionally valued, classic “snow white.”

Since only one nucleus can be inserted into an Akoya oyster at a time and even then, the success rate of producing a pearl is just 20%, the Akoya pearl is  also highly valuable because their production rate is so extremely low compared to other pearls.

Of the small number of pearls that are actually successfully harvested from the “one pearl at a time” Akoya oyster, only 10% or less are actually deemed worthy to be considered of "Hanadama” quality, which is the Japanese term for optimum superiority that the name Akoya has come to be known for. Therefore, “authentic” Akoya pearls are actually quite rare you need to be sure that what you are being sold is truly, genuinely a real Akoya.

As the peerlessly preeminent and popular pearl with a long, fascinating and complexly intricate production process and history, you’d most definitely be best served by making your

Akoya Pearl purchase from a GIA Accredited pearl expert who specializes exclusively in nothing but premium quality pearls. Enjoy!