The Akoya Pearl – Royally Reigning Supreme For Eons Of Time! 


Considered the “classic pearl” and esteemed across the globe and throughout the entire jewelry and fashion industry as the veritable “Dom Perignon” of pearls, the lovely

Akoya Pearl, perfectly round, symmetrically pristine, glowingly white and radiantly luminescent, has clearly established itself within the minds of those placing a premium on the lasting beauty of precious heirloom jewelry, as the peerless and prized “Gem of Gems” within the pearl community.

Over the centuries, the Akoya’s well deserved and long-standing, historical renown and reputation for unequalled purity, superior quality and glistening, “mirror-like” luster has delightfully dazzled the eyes, imaginations and hearts of royalty, the visions of dreamers and the words of poets throughout the ages.

These nearly “heavenly” attributes have quite naturally lead to a vast number of tall tales, legends of lore and mysterious myths that have only served to multiply and magnify the air of awe and amazement surrounding this truly tiny treasure, setting the Akoya far above it’s peers while ceremoniously cementing it’s place of prominent preeminence … as the premier prize of the pearl industry.

Akoya pearls are “bead-nucleated,” cultured, salt-water pearls that are primarily farmed throughout the geographical regions of Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea and Australia.

They are carefully and meticulous grown in two relatively similar mollusk hosts, the “Pinctada Fucata Martensii” oyster (actually known throughout the pearl industry as the “Akoya Oyster”) … and the “Pinctada Fucata Chemnitzii” oyster.

Though famously known as “The Pure White” pearl that everybody automatically pictures in their mind when they think of a pearl, the Akoya actually comes in a vast variety of light reflective colors and iridescent hues ranging anywhere from “winter wonderland white” to “candescent cream” and from “shimmering silver” to “radiant rose.”

Because the Akoya oysters are the smallest pearl-producing oysters used in pearl farming, Akoya pearls tend to be small, ranging in size from between 2 mm to 10 mm in size. But what they may give up to the competition when it comes to girth, they well more than make up for when it comes to over-all quality, beauty, consistency, flawless character and  perfectly symmetrical roundness.

These outstandingly superb and superior characteristics quite logically make the Akoya the precision perfect pearl for meticulously “matching” the exact shape, size and structural integrity necessary to create the ultimate “multi-pearl” pieces of jewelry, from necklaces to bracelets, especially when it comes to “matched” sets.

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