Akoya Pearls: Ascending Once Again To Their Rightful Reign Of Royal Regalia

Fashion trends continually flux and fizzle, come and go, rise and fall, ebb and flow … after all, that’s precisely what the definition of a trend is … but thankfully and predictably, genuine class, inherent elegance and timelessly traditional beauty are forever … and that stands eternally true with regards to the beloved and treasure Akoya Pearl and the heirloom quality jewelry that is meticulously craft with them supreme gems of the sea!Don’t get me wrong, every individual type of pearl under Heaven has its very own uniquely distinct qualities, characteristics, facets and dare I even say … personalities that are genuinely “one of a kind” and when you’re deeply immersed in the in wonderful world of pearls, you quite naturally love ALL of your babies … but that veritable truth in no way insinuates that you are obligated to pretend that you don’t take note of certain special, distinguishing elements that set each member of the family apart from the rest in their own very characteristic fashion.This is one of the truly fascinating thing about fashion fluxes when it comes to pearls, because as many different types of remarkably gorgeous pearls as there are on this bountifully blessed planet, the pristinely pure, symmetrically perfect, traditional class and style of Akoya Elegance continues to return to its palatial place of prominence after each and every new trend builds up upon itself, over time gaining popularity and “peaking” for a time at its summit, momentarily managing to maintain maximum momentum and eventually decelerating into a downward degradation of diminishing decay, dystrophy and descent.So why is that? Well, first of all, the Akoya Pearl is the very first variety of pearl to effectively and efficiently be cultured, with some of this expertise achieving repeatable consistency and predictability dating as far back as the early 1900s. While these techniques weren’t the same as assembly line, mass produced machining or molding, it definitely made a difference to pearl farmers who used to have to rely exclusively on nature hope for the best and was a very far cry from the original inconvenience of having to dive to the bottom of the deep in order to harvest pearls from their mollusk hosts the old fashioned way!These new procedures were first observantly discovered and then creatively and strategically mastered by the insightfully and conceptually adept Australian William Saville-Kent in Australia.Then, when word eventually got out and spread globally throughout the entire pearl industry “grapevine” … these genuinely genius techniques were expertly and efficiency applied … and over time … modified in such a way to make them progressively more and more impressively applicable to “Mass Farm & Produce” these “Akoya Pearls,” which were already increasingly high in demand as favored and beloved gems.The dedicated visionary who had the exceptional foresight and financial / organizational wherewithal to take it to the next level … and well beyond … was Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto of the Mikimoto Pearl Company.This meant that for the very first time ever … there was now a way to actually “create” perfectly round, organically symmetrical pearls that majestically radiated the royally regal qualities of uncompromised clarity and classic elegance … but at a price and with such largely increased numbers that you no longer had to be a King or Queen to be able to afford such beauty.Here was thick, highly protective and exceptionally reflective nacre, providing a veritable prism of sparkling, glistening fountains of light and color, with a vast spectrum of shimmer, luster and near infinite subtle overtones, now available to everyone.Truly a powerfully alluring tradition of classic, elegant style was set into motion and when that wave is still cresting more than a century later … one can hardly dare call it a trend … or even a movement … as it’s so much more than that, it’s simply come to be a way of life … and most of us wouldn’t ever want it any other way.The famously repeated cliché’ that “Everything OLD is NEW again” has never been more true than it is when considering the extremely long, hot and cold, on again / off again obsession with Akoya pearls as the reigning supreme as the “Gem of Choice” when it comes to both Fashion & Style sensibilities, as well as revered, traditional, classic beauty and elegance.Like ALL timelessly touted treasures of lasting and recurring value, appreciation, desire and adoration, The Akoya Pearl and the awesome jewelry crafted thereof is back my friend … and of course … we wouldn’t have it any other way!