Baroque South Sea Pearls: Artistically Unique, Elegantly Radiant & Larger Than “LARGE!”

Everyone from experts and collectors, to Fashionistas and Celebrities continue to ponder the age-old, existentially philosophical question: Are Baroque South Sea Pearls so deeply beloved, eagerly sought out, ravishingly gorgeous and perceived as the “A Perfect Pearl” simply because they are so very “RARE” … or are they merely considered so very rare … because they are so deeply beloved, eagerly sought out, ravishingly gorgeous and perceived as the “A Perfect Pearl?”Most Pearl Industry Insiders seem to agree that it’s “6 of one & half a dozen of the other.” In other words, it’s BOTH!While it’s true that ALL South Sea Pearls tend to be quite large, dazzling and spectacularly reflective of the precise colors, hues and tones of one’s outfit as well as the surrounding environment, they remain regally refined and eminently elegant … never brash, loud or aggressive.But the one thing that all connoisseurs of gems will agree upon, is that there is simply something so scintillating about the look and even the feel of the "Baroque South Sea Pearls" ... that is both electrifyingly exciting … and yet somehow also very dignified, respectable and calmly natural in its essence … thereby making the Baroque South Sea Pearl one of the most treasured and desired pearls found anywhere across the entire Planet Earth. Add to that unique rarity of quality and character, the very fact that this pure-bred, prized pearl with its gigantic size, has an equally increased growth process and duration of time necessary to farm pearls of these size.For example, the growth period for South Sea Pearls to reach full size is between 24 to 48 months, depending on the environment’s peacefully placid passivity and temperature. By comparison, the Akoya Pearl generally takes approximately half that amount of time to formulate full sized, mature and harvestable pearls.Add to these factors the reality that South Sea Pearls have a very limited availability and extremely low supply of pearls to create jewelry with, due to the fact that by comparison to other types of pearls ... there are relatively few pearl farmers around the world who are dedicated to the mastery of the craft of creating these luxuriously rare and quite radiant beauties.As if that’s not enough challenges to keep these poor farmers on high alert throughout most of the year, keep in mind the biology of successfully raising healthy pearls and consider the fact that as id true with other saltwater oysters, the South Sea Pearl oyster is “Bead Nucleated” … making the pearl’s living host an exceptionally delicate organism, tremendously fragile and highly susceptible to disease and growth hindering stress, meaning that some years, a very small percentage of the mollusks nucleated to grow pearls, actually successfully produce a large enough, physically perfect enough pearl to be qualified for jewelry utilization.Meanwhile efforts to try to farm South Sea Pearls outside of their natural environment have had very little success, due to the fact that the necessary “Host Oysters” cannot thrive … and in many cases, survive, outside their natural, native habitat, which is designated parts of Australia, The Philippines and Indonesia that have all of the right conditions in a perfectly blended, harmonic balance.Add that all up together and you can quite easily and quickly begin to understand why they truly are acclaimed and adored by all pearl industry experts as the proverbial “Apple of the beholder’s Eye!”We’ve all heard it to be so throughout our entire lives, as well as have read in numerous pieces of literature dating back to ancient times long before our lives were even “a twinkle in our parent’s eyes” … that “Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder!”However, in this particular case … the very facts relating to the over-all intrinsic value of such a rare gem of this distinctively impressive attractiveness,  character, quality and popularity … when taking into account the details pertaining to combined realities of the economics, science and art that merges into a powerful triune alliance that makes an undeniably strong case all the more compelling, that the fashion world and those who just simply love “art” … find these pearls alluringly compelling.Part of that absoluter individual uniqueness that is found in these pearls is the aspect referred to as being “Baroque!” it is this 100% totally distinct, all original, the exquisitely individual, artistic nature of these pearls, naturally and organically formed in a limitless plethora of  phenomenally unique variations in physical shape, as well as a literal rainbow of both physical color resonance … as well as light reflective properties that make you wonder to yourself if there is actually a small star somehow secretly hidden away inside of these brilliant, organically grown gems of genuine grandeur.One of the most widely ranged spectrum of light, hues and colors reflect masterfully clearly and almost seem to be amplified by these beauties, as the gems themselves come to us ranging from purest snow white to the illuminant, glittering gold and from the a softly warm and cozy pink all the way to a regal and royal silver that shines like it’s been polished for a thousand years.Meanwhile the luxurious luster of South Seas Pearls, regardless of the color you choose … is gentle and friendly, while at the same time being splendidly luminescent and stimulating.The artistically unique, Baroque individuality of South Sea Pearls, along with the brilliance of their color and luster, which maintains a softer, gentler, warmer, friendlier nature because of the larger than usual “Aragonite Platelets” that the pearl is organically composed of, in tandem with the extremely strong and thick “Nacre” that these pearls have going for them, in comparison to other types of pearls.Combine that with their unusually large size and you can clearly see why these pearls are such a truly treasured prize that is so enthusiastically sought out by so many of this world’s “Movers & Shakers!”Therefore, on the average, by comparison to all other pearls … the South Sea Pearl’s rare and extremely distinctive qualities and quantities make them the highest valued pearls on earth and therefore, unless you have a very well connected friend in the Pearl Industry that can pull some strings for you to get you an amazing deal - they consistently command the highest prices of all types of pearls.There my friend, are the combined facts that come together in making the Baroque South Sea Pearl not only a majestically mysterious marvel, but a verified global treasure and genuine wide-eyed “wonder of the world!”