Fireball Pearls: Flaming Fireballs Flash Forcefully To Fashion’s Forefront!

OK, so everybody already knows that Fireball Cultured Pearls are one of the hottest (pun intended) items on this coming years “fashion front” … but how many of us actually know precisely what they are and exactly what it is that makes them different from other awesome and popular pearls?Exactly, which is why I’ve take the time to bring you a clear and complete explanation that will shed some “light” on and about The Fireball!Fireball Pearls are one of the newer and most exciting things to happen in the pearl world since the “Soufflé” Pearl and very much like that fellow “Baroque” gem of seas, this amazing pearl has many of the most treasured characteristics of the much more expensive “South Sea” Pearls … which brings some of the most gorgeous pearl jewelry on the planet very much within reach of pretty much everyone who loves and wants pearls.For those of you currently not up on your “industry jargon” … Baroque simply means that rather than being round like a ball, the pearl has it’s very own uniquely distinct and original shape, not merely from other shapes of pearls, but also from other Baroque pearls. Much like a snowflake or fingerprint, each pearl is a one of a kind, all original individual.Just like Cinderella; once upon a time, Baroque Pearls were simply the not ever invited to the Prince’s Fancy Fashionable Ball, while all of the predictably, perfectly, precision balanced, symmetrically and exactingly “round” and robust “Belles of the Ball” were.Of course, now Baroque is what fashion is all about and people are continuously desperate to get the latest, hippest, coolest and most uniquely original and trend setting style … and the awesome thing about that is this … with Cultured Fireball Pearls, now everyone can easily afford to enjoy the experience of owning several pieces without overextending their finances.The term “cultured” simply means that instead of the pearls just randomly being created by mollusks in uncontrolled, natural circumstances, these pearls are actually grown by pearl farmers who have gotten the “art” of pearl production down to a very impressive “science.” This makes the process of finding and acquiring the pearls much less expensive and risky, and therefore the savings get passed on to you, by providing you equally beautiful pearl jewelry, at a mere fraction of the cost.These specific pearls are “bead” nucleated, which is a form of complex surgery where instead of having just “donor material” from another mollusk inserted into the new host to create a pearl,  a round bead is also implanted to create the same “proverbial effect” as what most people have always heard is the source of all pearls, the old fairy tale, “sand got into an oyster, so it encapsulated it with nacre to create a gorgeous gem”.However, what’s specifically unique about Fireball Pearls and precisely why they have come to be called “Fireball” is the fact that the farmers, rather than actually inserting the bead surgically into the body of the “host mussel” … they instead choose to simply tuck the “nuclei” directly under its shell, in the much less intrusive and simpler to access mantle of the mollusk.That process turns out to create something the world, up till that moment, had never seen before … a Baroque shaped pearl that has a very distinctive and fascinating protuberance that looks like the “tail of a comet” or in other cases, “extended wings” or as is often the case and thus the name … “the flaming tail of a fireball” flashing across the night sky.At a time when “Baroque is Supreme” … and as I always say … “If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it” … these “Fireball Cultured Pearls” are already taking the “fashionista” world by “fire storm” and now that people have some idea of what they actually are, I think they are going to be very interested in learning MORE and MORE about them and adding them to their “Jewelry Box” for a mere pittance of what they would have to pay for an Australian or South Sea counterpart.As far as Fireball Pearls are concerned, I give them a huge and enthusiastic “Thumbs Up” and in honor of this year’s Olympics … excitedly exclaim … “Let The Flames Begin!”FIREBALL DIAMOND PENDANT FIREBALL PEARL PENDANT