For Gorgeously Unique Tahitian Baroque Pearls - It’s Finally Time To Shine!

Baroque Tahitian Pearl Necklace SaleFor far too long, “Tahitian Baroques” have always had to take the backseat to other pearls who elegantly radiated the shimmer and shine, as well as the fame and premium price tags that logically come with the adoration of the “Fashionista’s” spotlight.Not to say that it was necessarily the case that these beautiful pearls were ever being totally ignored or completely forgotten, it was simply more a scenario where they were usually unfairly relegated to a supporting role and at times, little more than a mere cameo walk-on scene in the background of the true pearl stars at the forefront of the “real fashion action!”But long years of dedicated persistence without giving up has finally paid off … and now the Tahitian Baroque Pearl suddenly finds itself elevated to a well-deserved level of their own “Super-Star Status” by these very same “Makers & Breakers” of Fashion Trends that once held them down.So what’s different now? What suddenly changed? Partially it’s all part of the natural “ebb and flow” … “up and down” … “hot and cold” cycle of fashion. Meanwhile, it’s also a case of a current change in the world’s response and reaction to our continually shifting cohesively cooperative, communally conditioned cultural consciousness.Society is once again passing through a stylistic transformation … and with change … comes collective circumstances of counter cultural circumvention of “classic conventionality” … in other words … the perfectly pristine, precision “plain, pale and rotundly round” classic Snow White Pearl that has always taken top billing in the fashion world … is now suddenly being asked to step aside to make room for the inspiring, originally unique and exuberantly expressive Tahitian Baroque Pearl.These veritable, “rocket to the top” pearls are not merely desirable … they have been officially been placed at the very pinnacle peak of the “GOT TO HAVE IT” list of style and fashion.So here’s what you need to know to most effectively navigate yourself successfully through these relatively unfamiliar and therefore, somewhat uncharted waters.These gorgeous, organic gems are surgically “bead nucleated” saltwater pearls that come to us from the gracious “pearl parent” host known to most of us as the great “Black Lipped Oyster” or known to your High School Biology Teacher as simply “Pinctada Margaritifera Cumingii.”Though the pearls are specifically called “Tahitian” … they actually originate from numerous lagoons, serene bays and quiet calm bodies of water all throughout the entire region of “French Polynesia.”Most people are well familiar with the most famous pearl of the Tahitian variety, the world renowned “Black Tahitian Pearl” … which is indisputably the most fervently and frequently sought out “black pearl” on the planet, but what most people don’t realize is that Tahitian Pearls come in a vast spectrum of brilliantly luminescent colors, from beige and pink, to green and blue to every possible combination and hue you can imagine from deep purple to effervescent silver and gold.OK, so that covers the “Tahitian” part of the discussion … but what about this “Baroque” stuff? Serious students of music and art have a fair understanding of how the term is utilized in those particular media of creativity, but it’s actually a LOT simpler than that when it comes to pearls.The term “Baroque” is all about the shape of the pearl. Baroque means that the pearl is uniquely asymmetrical and most certainly NOT round or spherical like the traditionally favored “Classic” pearls of yesteryear!For centuries; cultures all around the world passionately preferred predictably precise perfection and “purity of presence” in pearls!This simplicity in form and purity of essence offered up a deeply reassuring exhibition of omniscient order and organization in what was a relatively wild and chaotic world. Today things have moved more into a desire to test traditionally classical boundaries and shake things up a bit in ways that are more originally creative and self-expressive … and thus, the day of the Baroque Tahitian has finally dawned … and it is good!The last time that Baroque Tahitians were the placed in a pinnacle, palatial position of prominence, was at the last point in human history when culture moved into what historians refer to as the “Period Of Enlightenment” … and these precious pearls most definitely and clearly reflect that light with a veritable rainbow of illuminant color and elegant essence.During the Renaissance period, skillful artisan craftsmen created gorgeous pieces of jewelry, designed into the likenesses of mythologically fanciful beasts such as unicorns and dragons, as well as other beautiful, regal and majestic creatures that naturally were the center characters of many a tale, song or play … such as lions, eagles and swans!The good news is, the days of the same old perfectly bland, round colorless pearl is finally once again over and uniquely creative and distinctive original is what’s now “In With The In-Crowd” and that means a vastly wide spectrum of radiant color and an endless plethora of possibilities when it comes to shapes and what can be done with those shapes.It’s a new awakening to the limitless reality of what “Pearl Jewelry” can be and do … and thankfully, YOU and The Tahitian Baroque Pearl are here to experience and enjoy this amazing time together!