For Weddings & Proms To Debutante Balls & Quinceaneras - Pearls Are Still #1!

Over the years and decades, fashions and trends come and go, but there is something uniquely “outside of time” about the brilliantly gorgeous, yet simple, pure traditional elegance of pearls!Thus, when it comes to those very special “Memory Making Moments” in life, when the “perfect” choices regarding the exact jewelry to most effectively accentuate that beautiful gown, be it designed for your very special, once in a life-time Wedding, Prom, Debutante Ball or Quinceanera … nothing equals or outshines the traditional allure of pearls.This is partly due to the fact that such wondrously “dream come true” major events in one’s life manifest a very powerful and transforming sense of vitality, that feeling of “never being more alive” than you are right now.Therefore, the wearing of jewelry that is painstakingly, artisan crafted utilizing the only “ORGANIC” gem found on Earth, which actually springs forth from out of a living source, amplifies that very revitalizing,  vibrantly “life affirming” energy to this momentous occasion.Not to mention that during such exclusively important “milestone” moments in one’s life, you want to have jewelry that doesn’t steal the show and everyone’s attention away from YOU, by being so glitzy and brilliantly bright that it draws people’s eyes to focus on the “sizzling pizzazz” of an overtly, ostentatious drama of flashy diamonds, emeralds or other loudly bold jewelry choices that tend to steal the show and focus the spotlight on themselves, instead of on YOU!Of course, the other awesome benefit of pearl jewelry, is your ability to easily and effortlessly prepare perfectly, precision crafted matching themes … or … on the other hand, if you want to be a bit creatively experimental. You can mix things up a bit.For example, you choose from absolutely perfect round, spherically globe-like pearls that are so amazing consistent, that it seems like a miracle that they are organically created from a living source and not manufactured or refined by machines, tools or technology.From there you can choose from every imaginable degree of variation in shape, some of which are so uniquely mesmerizing, that you probably would never dream of imagining them on your own and would simply have to see them to believe them.And as for colors, wow, I have to warn you ahead of time, if you’re still stuck in the mind-set of pearls simply being white … you are in for a veritable, spectacular rainbow of surprise. I could waste your time and create a list or 20 colors and end that list by adding, and that’s just a few of the colors available, but let’s cut to the chase and get directly to the point … if there is a color … ANY color … in existence … then there are pearls that are farmed that are that color. Plain and Simple.Not to mention the fact that many pearls naturally exude multiple colors … and then when you factor in the colors and hues added to the pearl’s beauty by the surrounding sources of light that the pearl so effectively reflects … we are talking a vast and endless spectrum of chromatic possibilities!And that’s really what’s so very wonderful about pearls, as they are beautifully elegant but not brash and bawdy and they reflect light and color majestically enough to gently and graciously disperse subtle rainbows of variant hues and ethereal luminescence with class and dignity, but never upstage the Bride, Prom Princess or Beautiful Woman that everyone has come to see and honor.With pearls, there is truly deep and wondrously colorful reflection, but the focus is always on YOU!