Pearl vs. Diamond Earrings: Which is More Elegant

Girl With a Pearl EarringSophisticated, and timeless, you can’t go wrong with pearls or diamonds no matter how you wear them. But which one creates the ultimate vision of elegance? The following quick guide will help you to understand the different attributes of each gem, and determine which is best fitted for your elegant occasions.

Pearl Earrings

How A Pearl is Formed

Traditionally a symbol of beauty and purity, pearls come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Formed when a foreign object enters an oyster, naturally produced pearls are rare. Nearly identical in composition and appearance, however, are cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are created in pearl farms, their development prompted by pearl farm workers, who insert irritants into the gonad of an oyster, and then return it to the water until a pearl is formed.

Types of Pearls

Pearls come in many varieties, from spherical Akoya pearls to edgy Baroque pearls. Available in gold, black, pink, ivory, and many other colors besides, these organic gemstones have certainly earned their position as a high society favorite. Pearls can be cultivated both in freshwater and saltwater, with both variations enjoying equal popularity.Girl With a Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

How a Diamond is Formed

Diamonds are formed deep in the earth when carbon-based minerals are subjected to intense pressure. Mined for use in jewelry, diamonds are not a particularly rare gem in their natural form, often appearing cloudy and yellow in color. More rare, however, are inclusion-free diamonds. The larger the unincluded stone, the rarer and more precious it is.

Types of Diamonds

Like pearls, diamonds come in many colors--from black, to pink, to yellow. Once mined, diamonds are cut and treated to create the sparkling effect that we see in modern jewelry. Today, diamonds are created in laboratories as well as mined from the earth. These lab-created diamonds are identical in chemical composition to their genuine counterparts, but sell for a significantly lower price tag.

Pearl Occasions

So what is a pearl occasion and what is a diamond occasion? When it comes to elegance, pearls take the crown. Perfect for formal occasions such as business dinners, graduation ceremonies, and weddings, pearls add an incomparable elegance to any ensemble. If the epitome of elegance is your end game, then avoid inexpensive off-round freshwater pearls, especially in dyed colors such as red or blue, and get a set of iridescent Akoya pearl earrings which are considered the "diamonds of the sea.”

Diamond Occasions

Diamonds are perhaps more glamorous than elegant. Ideal for nights out, parties, anniversary dinners, and first dates, diamond earrings are certainly a must-have commodity. If you’re aiming for an elegant look, then stick with simple diamond studs. For a gorgeous, sparkling, princess-esque look, try chandelier diamond earrings or diamond hoops.

So Which is More Elegant?

To create the ultimate vision of elegance, why not combine pearls and diamonds in your evening look? By marrying elegance and glamour, you can’t go wrong no matter what the occasion. For a dynamic duo, try combining black diamonds with black pearls, or vice versa.

Contributed By:Naomi ShawNaomi is online web journalist, beautician, and mother.