Proper Care of Pearls… Part 3

*** Putting Your Babies To Bed! Just like children, pearls need to be properly put to bed if you want them to enjoy a long, wondrously awesome lifetime. Luckily properly putting your pearls to bed is a LOT simpler than getting kids in to bed and willing to stay in bed and go to sleep.Reading your pearls a “Bed-Time Story” is totally optional and completely up to you … however the rest of this significantly important storage regime is NOT! But just like a good, loving and caring parent is prone to say to their kids, I am now going to reiterate to you … “This really is for your own good and you’ll eventually come to understand why and be glad that you did!”ALWAYS be sure to completely but gently wipe your pearls with a very soft, preferably white, plush, cotton hand towel before placing them back into your jewelry box.White because it has no additionally added colors that eventually will begin to fade and potentially contaminate or stain your pearls, either obviously or on a subatomic level, causing your pearls to lose their luminescent luster and glimmering shine.Also a clean white towel will instantly show any sign of discoloration, rust or other contaminant or physical integrity problem that may need your immediate attention. Stuff just naturally shows up more obviously on a white background.Plush because this is the most efficient form of towel to most effectively, with the least effort (rubbing, blotting, patting, folding and compressing) successfully absorb any and all moisture / humidity from your jewelry.Cotton because it’s organic in its nature and therefore less likely to contaminate your pearls with any potential artificial dye or other chemical involved in man-made material manufacturing.Hand Towel because a wash cloth is too small and may not have the surface area necessary to fully effective wipe the complete surface of your pearls … while a full size bath towel is too big and a risk develops of the jewelry getting lost in a fold or the towel being inadvertently moved by an unsuspecting party who doesn’t realize that there is jewelry in the towel.Now we already covered the fact that moisture and humidity are bitter enemies of your pearl jewelry, but even worse and more damaging are wide spectrum of “contaminants” … which might be anything from food & beverages to dirt, mud and one of several fun surprises offered up unexpectedly by friends, family members, guests, associates, children, pets and a near infinite number potential donors of unavoidable messes.Therefore, sometimes it may be necessary to lightly cleanse your jewels by wiping them with a plush, slightly damp (I mean barely, hardly almost not at all damp) hand cloth / wash cloth that has been warmed up with moderately hot, purified drinking water.Never, ever, ever … under ANY condition … ever trust your pearl jewelry to the potentially pulsatingly pulverizing “Ultrasonic Cleanser” … as they are notorious for doing sever and irreparable damage to pearl jewelry and should be avoided at all costs. *** Compartmentalize Your Jewels And Tuck Each In … Safe And Sound!Remember, while pearls are pretty darned shock-resistant, they are easily scratched if they happen to come into contact with other jewelry. Whether it’s a metal clasp, a gold or silver strand or even the hard surface of another gemstone, your jewelry NEEDS to be kept safely and securely separate in order to avoid dings, scratches, scuffs and any inadvertent tangling and banging that most all jewelry seems to absolutely LOVE to do when we humans are not looking.Therefore be sure to keep each piece of your pearl Jewelry wrapped up “snug and cuddly” in its very own personal “Jewel Cloth” or “Jewelry Pouch” and then laid out separately its own  compartmentalized  section of your jewelry box.Follow these very simple instructions and you and your pearls will have a very lovely, long-lasting relationship that will be the envy of all those who observe your continual state of exuberant enjoyment of “Pure Pearl Pleasure!”

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