So What’s So Special About Vivid, Natural Metallic Colored, Freshwater Pearls?

OK so … sure, it’s always nice to be riding high atop the peak of a Fashion Forward Trending Style … but where exactly is it, that we wisely draw the line between simply blindly following the crowd over the “Couture Cliff” like a lemming … and actually looking great while still thoroughly LOVING how I look?Great Question and I’m so very glad that you asked it.Answer: Fashion is ONLY as relevant, viable, meaningful and worthy of your consideration … if you actually, genuinely LIKE the way that it makes you look and LOVE the way that it makes you feel. This is precisely why I don’t bother to even mention the vast majority of “shot in the dark” here today, gone tomorrow temporary trend blips on the Fashionista radar.That’s also precisely why I’m here right now to tell you about something that legitimately is BIG NEWS, will make you look and feel awesome and is authentically an extremely worthy and most impressively valid stylistic discovery. The BIG NEWS: (Drum roll please!)Vivid, Natural Metallic Colored, Freshwater Pearls and the gorgeously elegant jewelry that is now being designed and artisan crafted from them – for YOU!It’s as if the purest perfection of all natural, organic creation was somehow expertly melded in an intricately intimate harmonically precise balance with the most amazingly modern, state of the art, laser technological essence, while still managing to maintain an absolutely classic and cultured traditional affluence.For example, upon experiencing these dazzling delights in person, the question that I most frequently get from people is “are the pearls in any way artificially enhanced in order to create these gorgeously luminescent metallic colors and light reflective hues?”The fact is, no, these fascinating “Eighth Wonders of The World” metallic colors and hues are completely natural and this is how they come, directly from their mollusk host.You really do need to see these metallic mimicking marvels with your own eyes, just to understand how eerily awesome they are and to comprehend the surprise of those first getting the news that they are not altered by modern technology.The pearls come in a wide ranging, chromatic spectrum of colors and iridescently reflective hues and they even “color shift” depending on what angle you are seeing them from.   The lights in the surrounding environment bounce off the surface of the pearls in a naturally bedazzling laser show of colors and overtones that majestically morph as you walk through the room or as others walk by you.So how exactly does a natural gem created by a living organic host manage to create a pearl with such an impressive, deep and consistent metallic luster?  To understand this, you first need to get your mind around the fact that the overall quality and characteristics of a pearls luster are greatly affected by the rate at which its host mollusk secretes its nacre. That rate is effected by the environment (calm, serene controlled lagoon or raging, icy seas prone to storms and rambunctiously changing surroundings) and the temperature of the water where the pearl is being farmed or produced.Freshwater pearls have a much more stable, pristine environment, without a lot of stress and commotion that pearls that originate in the environs of ragingly violent sea. This allows for a more consistently regular release of nacre, leading to a more brightly and powerfully defined, brilliantly sharp luster and color.Also take into account the fact that mollusks that live in hotter climates where the water temperatures are much warmer (Australia and the South Seas for example) experience conditions that promote the pearls host to secrete their nacre at an accelerated rate creating a less intense, more softer, satiny appearance with a chromatically diffuse and less penetrating, transparently soft coloration.These Metallic Freshwater Pearls are farmed at lower water temperatures, causing the mollusk host to produce very thick “crystalline layers”.  Due to their slower and smaller aragonite platelet release being more consistently laid down and built up at much slower speeds and in a tighter pattern, it naturally gives rise to pearls with drastically and dramatically higher and more concentrated, deeper and sharper rates of chromatic luster, creating the appearance of a metallic surface so tight and compact, that when light hits the surface of the pearl, it actually reflects back with a greatly increased percentage of “white spectrum light”.  That, in turn, gives these pearls that awesome metallic looking finish that is so rare, that far less than 1% of all pearls can offer this vivid, visual blessing.Some jewelry designers toss around the term “something for everybody” a bit too loosely these days, but in this extraordinary case, it’s absolutely true, no matter what your favorite color or fashion style is … there is definitely something here that will thrill even the most meticulously unyielding taste in style.These spectacular gems are carefully and loving farmed “Freshwater Pearls,” so you already know that a tremendous amount of care, planning and nurturing has gone into every phase of the intricate processes of ensuring that the healthiest, strongest mollusk hosts are treated with the royal treatment necessary to ensure the ultimate, premium quality of nacre, clarity, luster, shape, size and unflawed / unblemished surface standards sought out by the most highly educated and uncompromisingly demanding connoisseurs and collectors of Top Grade pearl jewelry.