South Sea Pearls - Bigger Truly IS Better When You Back Your Size Up With Superior Quality!

Rule #1 in our most established, long-standing Fashion Tradition, especially when it comes to accessories like jewelry is … “Bigger Is most definitely NOT Better!In the same way that the flashiest colors have nothing to do with achieving the pinnacle of artistic expression and presentation and the loudest screamer never proves to be the most influential speaker and one can be rest assured that the bawdiest and brashest, busiest, booming, “Bang for your buck” seasonings will never meet the refining qualities necessary to bring out the true inner flavor of the finest gourmet meal … BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC Jewelry is certain to be the butt of many a joke if worn in the company of those in the know!However, there is one, singular exception where King Sized truly is KING and GREAT actually is a great “dress for success” and elegance choice. The one exceptional exception to the rule is … South Sea Pearls and the heirloom quality jewelry that is artisan crafted thereof.This creates some truly fascinating fashion options, as the monolithically mammoth mass of these pearls allows some extremely affordable, inexpensive pearl pieces to simply stand alone, as a gorgeously illuminating pendant … or as a pair of glistening, effervescent earrings!So what precisely is it that makes South Sea Pearls so uniquely different than all of the other pearls that can be found around the globe? Like most truly remarkable people who develop the ability to clearly stand up and out from the crowd and begin to be seen as genuinely special, drawing immediate attention, loyalty, appreciation and favor … it’s has a lot to do with their upbringing.These uniquely beautiful “Gems of the Sea” are the proud and prodigious product of the perfect balance between “Science and Art,” meticulously farmed from the “Pinctada Maxima” mollusk, commonly referred to by most laymen as The Silver Lipped Oyster …which is naturally located all throughout the regionally remote, peacefully pristine and delightfully warm waters of Pacific and Indian Oceans … from way down under in Australia to The Philippines and from Myanmar to Indonesia.These oysters are quite noticeably large in comparison to the mollusks that commonly yield what we have come to think of as “standard sized pearls such as the Akoya or the Freshwater Pearl, that we have grown so accustomed to regularly experience playing such a dynamically major role in the artistic “Haute Couture” world and popular high fashion industry.The fact that these giant oysters are so much bigger than the host of other pearls farmed around the globe means that quite logically they can be nucleated with a much larger bead than the other saltwater or freshwater oysters. Much larger beads equals much larger pearls, plain and simple.While the Akoya and Freshwater Pearl averages out to be about 7.5mm in size, South Sea Pearl farmers yield exceptionally large pearls that average out to be about 13mm in size … and have been known to reach sizes as gigantic as 20mm.But once again, we return to the truth of the matter … that simply being BIGGER, without several other endearing qualities and characteristics would not only be an advantage … but a devastating detriment.Thankfully, South Sea Pearls have a vast plethora of strong suits, from highly protective and light / color reflective nacre and surface quality, to the previously discussed fact that with South Sea Pears, a lovely pair of elegant earrings and a classically traditional broach or pendant is as fashionably impressive and artistically delightful to the eye as multiple, full strands of smaller pearls presented in necklace form.That not only LOOKS smart … but financially, it IS smart … because when “Bigger is Better” … then “Less is More” … which means that “It’s BIG that it costs LESS to look MORE BETTER!”Are you tracking with me here … or do I need to come to the front of the classroom and show my math?Hey … by the way … let us not forget that South Sea Pearls organically range in color from natural white and silver to champagne & gold with some impressive reflective hues that pretty much pick up on whatever colors you are wearing in your outfit’s ensemble and the environmental flashes of color and light and bounce them radiantly off of you and into the dazzled eyes of your beholders.A pretty wonderful … and wonderfully pretty experience for all involved. Enjoy!  