The Long, Legendary & Loving Relationship Between Pearls & Valentine’s Day!

Question: Isn’t it fascinating how all men, all throughout history and all around the world, since long before time immemorial, instinctively have always known in their heart and soul, that a truly mutually enjoyable and successful, memory making Valentine’s Day has three very significant ingredients?As we all know, those three ingredients are:(1) A carefully, lovingly and thoughtfully, well planned out Dinner.(2) A beautiful arrangement of not just colorfully attractive, but fragrantly alluring flowers.and … of course …(3) A visually stunning, emotively dazzling, highly valued and desirable piece of jewelry that has been “artisan crafted” from the world’s most ancient and beloved above all precious gems … the 100% totally organic Pearl.Question: Did you know that historically speaking, archeological evidence supports the scientifically verifiable fact that the pearl is the world’s oldest known gem to ever be creatively utilized in the fashioning of a piece of elegantly gorgeous, radiantly luminescent jewelry designed to adorn one’s beloved?That’s right, the oldest, most ancient find of archaic jewelry on the entire planet is on display in the world famous “Louvre” Museum in Paris France. It is a portion of a piece of pearl jewelry that originally was discovered in the tomb of a Princess of the Persia Empire, dating back to well over 500 years before the birth of Christ.“Why particularly Pearls” … you ask?Well, according to numerous thousands of ancient tomes of poetry, works of art and literary volumes on every imaginable topic … from Love, Romance and Marriage to Philosophical Treatises on subjects dedicated to everything from Philosophy to Biology and to fields of interest from Theology to Psychology … there is a common thread of agreement that women are both naturally and supernaturally drawn and connected specifically to pearls because they are 100% organic, springing forth directly from a living, protective host and then … in a sense … “birthed” into the world out of a living organism.Beyond the organic biology and practical science behind how pearls are in fact created … and all of the scientific, archeological facts about their preeminence as the gem of choice with royalty, the priestly class, the opulent rich and famous rulers, families and those honored and held in great esteem around the world and throughout the ages, there are also tons of mentions of human kinds absolute fascination and emotional adoration of pearls and pearl jewelry all throughout “Lore and Legends” of old … dating all the way back to the beginning of written history itself.To the ancients in the Far East, pearls were a symbol representative of the “feminine mystic and power” of woman-kind and represented in art and literature by the moon. Pearls were said to have the ability to bestow great, deep and valuable knowledge (Pearls Of Wisdom) as well as possess near miraculous strength and Healing Powers and there were those who claimed that the pearls themselves were purposely created by GOD or “The Gods” to bring forth blessings to all who wear them.Meanwhile, in the West, The pearl was not so much revered as it was in the East, but rather, highly valued symbolically as a representation of success, victory, respect and often purity of heart and soul and deeply inherent and highly elevated spiritual sincerity and strength.Thus, in the Christian Bible, the “Pearly Gates” of Heaven are the ultimate “Welcome Home” passage back into the Kingdom of GOD … while in the classical era of widespread “Pax Romana” at the very height of the Roman Empire, it was a strictly adhered to and enforced law; that only those people officially decreed by the Emperor to be of the appropriate level of honor and valor were allowed to wear pearl jewelry.The combination of that connection with the Feminine that comes to us from the East and association with pristine purity of heart, soul and spirit that is prevalent in the West, comes together in making the pearl and Jewelry made of pearls the natural, perfect Valentine’s Gift for that Special Lady in your life that deserves to be pampered, adored and honored with the ultimate prized gem of our planet and world-wide history, philosophy, science, biology, art, love, romance and theology.FACT: Women absolutely LOVE & adore Pearls & Pearl Jewelry!FACT: You absolutely LOVE and adore Your Woman!FACT: You absolutely want Your Woman to LOVE and adore YOU!FACT: You NEED to be willing to do what it takes to give HER exactly what she truly wants!QUESTION: Isn’t it time that you made a little history yourself?There simply is no greater “Memory Making” Valentine’s Day Gift on the planet … and for once, all the people around the globe and throughout history are in agreement!