Today’s Fashion & Style Trends: High Fashion Designers Are Going Loopy For Hoops!

Pearl Hoop EarringsTahitian Pearl Hoop EarringsAnyone who’s been in this business long enough, eventually begins to develops a clear "Experienced / Intuitive" perspective of the over-all "process of progress" that "Chic Couture Culture" flows through in seasonally determining "What's Haute & what's Naught!"This places one in a position to be able to quickly recognize … and over time … come to predict what and when the world of Fashion will eventually “tend to trend” in cycles … which inevitably tend to lend itself to “re-cycles.”This actually a wonderful thing about Fashionistas’ willingness to return again to the very best “LOOKS” that “Style Smart Stylists” wisely bring back with some of the time tested, tried and true designs and accessories that have the legitimate class and sass to garner pretty much everyone’s full, complete and loyal love and adoration.Case in point, all across the entire planet, TODAY’s most influential Designers are enthusiastically & elegantly featuring YESTERDAY’s Hoop Earrings. So once again, traditionally pure, classic heirloom sophistication is once again all the rage … though some are bringing it back in some uniquely new and modified ways.Freshly coming out of the intentionally darker, aggressively in your face “Shock Frock” stylings of the recent Goth look, not exactly everything about some of the “re-envisioned versions” of this nostalgic return to “Everything old is new again” rekindled Designer interest in Hoop Earrings is in aesthetic alignment with what the last few passes through this cycle gave us to fashionably feast our eyes upon.Yes, today there are now Hoop Earrings with a full Gothic Grab-bag of essential Macabre icons and trinkets attached or melded into the design, everything from skulls, bats, black cats, butcher knives, guillotines … etc. … but if you have no real interest in dressing like “Elvira or Vampira” … there’s some  good news for you as well.The classic design of Hoop Earrings is created to cognitively take us back to a simpler, more peaceful, calm, relaxed time of pure, “salt of the earth” natural class, organic sophistication and down home elegance … and there are some magnificently talented artisan, craftsman Jewelry Designers who have taken that simple sophistication to a whole new level of “less is more” allure.Traditional designs quite naturally draw us to the traditional settings of gorgeous gems that have stood the test of time, from diamonds to sapphires and amethyst to pearls, presented in dazzlingly brilliant ore foundations ranging from numerous variations, colors and hues of Gold to a resiliently sparking Sterling Silver!Take some time to check out the pieces that truly connect with you on a more deeply personal level because THOSE are the “Heirloom Pieces” that you will keep for a life time and pass on to those that you truly love … meaning that you will not only be much happier with the Hoop Earrings that “feel right” to you and make you feel like “YOU” … but it also means that every recurring Fashion Cycle … your Hoop Earrings will instantly have you at the very Pinnacle Peak for the latest, greatest raging style trend.In other words, you don’t have to “jump through hoops” to be in style … if you already have yours!And by the way, congratulations to you on your hip sense of “Pop-Culture Panache” and fashion insight!