Why The Timeless Tradition of Giving Pearls On Mother’s Day?

While pretty much everyone knows that giving Mom, as well as the Mother of your children; beautiful Pearls to express your genuine love and appreciation on Mother’s Day… is as traditional as a decorated tree on Christmas, festive lights on Hanukkah and wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, most people these days don’t actually know “WHY?”Also, unlike most seasonal and holiday traditions, the giving of pearl jewelry on Mother’s Day doesn't seem to have a specific geographical or cultural origin, it just naturally seems to be a universal practice that takes place all across the entire planet. That’s very unique when it comes to tradition.So what exactly is behind this tradition and why is it so transcontinental, as well as trans-cultural in its enthusiastic observance?Because pearls are completely natural and organic in origin, as well as the fact mankind did not have to wait until it eventually developed advanced enough tools and / or machinery to be able to effectively dig, break up, cut or refine and purify Earth’s other valued treasures like ores (gold & silver) or gems (diamonds, rubies) pearls have been around pretty much as long as human kind has.The harvesting of pearls took nothing more than the human need to seek out food, a desire to occasionally bathe or enjoy a swim, or possibly simply choose to cross a body of water to get to some destination … and suddenly see something down there in the waters below.Thus, the pearl was the first, original gem readily available and retrievable to be both treasured and beloved. The pearl has been the exclusive “apple of our eye” for multiple centuries, dating back well beyond the beginning of written history.As a matter of fact, many of the most ancient, extant examples of writing found around the globe, actually mention pearls in all sorts of various recovered writings, from prose & poetry to religious & cultural treatises.OK so that’s great, but what about Mother’s Day? I’m glad you asked.Because the pearl is the only ORGANIC gem that naturally comes into the world out of a living host, it is highly revered and respected in numerous cultures around the world, as the wonder and awe of somethings so gorgeously beautiful coming to us out of a live being.Thus ancient art depicts pearls as being a kindred representation of the majestic, awe inspiring of Life and Love. From multiple paintings of women, particularly “Venus” (Representing LOVE) on a half shell (oyster) rising up out of the waters to bestow a blessing upon the world, to some of the world’s oldest paintings, sketches, sculptures and engravings depicting pearls adorning renowned and respected leaders, royalty and heroes … to lovely maidens, adored wives and beloved Mothers.Pearls have simply always been closely associated with deeply loved and cherished women in general, and with Mothers in particular for ages, universally, all around the globe in a way that sometimes begins to feel as if it were almost instinctive or genetically coded into our DNA.To this day, most men won’t openly admit that they love gems … or if they do so, it’s usually under the pre-text that they love them merely because they make the special women in their lives happy, though they themselves, don’t really find them to be so alluring and desirable and can’t figure out what the big deal is.But there’s something uniquely special about the organic, all natural purity of glistening pearls that “captures a man’s eye and draws his attention nigh” … and that may be one of the reasons women prefer pearls over the other gems, particularly on Mother’s Day!Finally, I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, one of the very first things that totally blew my mind and struck me intensely as being one of the most amazing things I ever saw, was the totally natural, multi-colorful “laser light show” of sunlight reflecting off of … you guessed it … Mother Of Pearl.mothers-day-med