What Most Pearl Sellers Won’t Tell You!

Girl with pearls.jpg

Have you ever stopped to wonder how so many culture conscious, fashion fresh teens and "20-something” youths on a budget, somehow manage to have not just one or two, but multiple “matching sets” of classy, sophisticated and increasingly posh and popular pearls?

Ever stop to think about how and why those trend setting Fashion Designers have gotten away with setting today’s latest, hippest "Fashion Couture" on it's ear by artistically weaving the traditionally elegant standard of sophistication, the radiantly royal pearl, into their latest designs, without going bankrupt?

Here’s the dirty little secret that most jewelers out there desperately don’t want you to know. The fact is there is a way to begin taking full advantage of the latest, coolest fashion trends, without spending a “proverbial” arm and leg doing so.

The Answer: Freshwater Pearls! Yes, with unbelievably affordable prices and the option to get a lot more “BLING” for your buck, freshwater pearls are the most popular to way for today’s “Fashionistas” to spectacularly “spritz up” their latest and most desired designs.

Whether the choice is to artistically add some radiant luster and effervescent color to these highly acclaimed garments by actually making Freshwater Pearls a part of the design, actually sewn into the garments, or simply to stylishly balance out and visually harmonize their glamorous, “Cover Girl” outfit with matching sets of earrings, necklace, broach, pin, bracelet and rings, freshwater pearls are all the rage and “IN” in a very big way!

Interestingly enough, these pearls are not just being prominently feature on the top models strutting confidently down the well lit runways of New York and Paris, but even the more original-minded, counter-culture Bohemian Hipsters, with their alternative reality, progressive non-conformist styles, now have the wherewithal to inject a powerfully vibrant representation of traditional elegance and refinery into their uniquely multi-conceptual, mixed palate, smorgasbord of fashionable attire.

With the vastly wide expanse of naturally and organically unique, truly “one of a kind” combinations of sizes, shapes, colors and hues, what other gem is there that could possibly better represent the characteristic “mish-mash” of exploratory psychedelic rainbow individuality and lustrously luminescent organic beauty.

Since completely renovating the farming / production process of freshwater pearls in such a way as to now consistently yield far more pearls, with far more impressive quality and value per harvest cycle, the pearl industry, wise business people that they are … smartly decided that “good old fashioned business sense” clearly dictates that they allow the blessings of improved innovation trickle down to benefit everyone involved, by passing those tremendous savings on to YOU, their loyal and valued customer!

So exactly what sort of savings are we actually talking about here? For example, are we talking about something as substantial as literal "Pennies on the Dollar?"

Actually, YES, we are. Of course, the precise number of pennies on the dollar will vary quite logically depend on the specific size, shape, color and luster of each of the pearls naturally rendered, as well as any specific anomalies or aspects that obviously influence the intrinsic quality or “rarity” of the pearl.

Therefore, as always recommended, when making your pearl purchase decisions, your interests are always certain to be best served and protected by personally reaching out and directly contacting a “GIA Certified” Pearl Specialist to answer ALL of your questions.

These fully trained and educated experts who focus all of their time, attention and expertise exclusively to pearls, have all of the background, knowledge and very specific insights to answer your questions and make suggestions to make the whole pearl purchasing process a joyous delight!

Sadly, most jewelry stores simply can't provide you with the necessary expertise in pearls that you deserve, while the large jewelry marts and bargain basement dealers either choose not to, or just economically can’t possibly retain the trained staff who can afford to spend the time with you, answering your questions and providing you with recommendations, explanations … and of course, all of the proper GIA Certifications.

If your pearl dealer won’t or can’t answer all of your questions, please protect yourself and your investment and get out of there as fast as you can and find someone who not only WILL answer all of your questions … but because it is their chosen field of expertise, actually enjoys talking to you about their favorite subject … namely … PEARLS!