The Surging Popularity of Freshwater Pearls

The Surging Popularity of Freshwater Pearls As “Mussels Show-Off Their Muscles!”

Most people think that pearls are purely the product of “proud parent” oysters and clams happily residing in safe and secure ocean beds from sea to shining sea. But actually there is a current sweeping interest, popularity and frenzied fashion trend that is now creating a buzz surrounding the lesser known “Freshwater Pearls.”

The honored hosts of these gorgeously beautiful, cultured pearls are “freshwater mussels” that live at the bottom of some of the most serenely picturesque ponds, lakes, streams and rivers found all across this lovely blue planet of ours.

So why the tremendous increase in popularity now being enjoyed by “Freshwater Pearls?” Basically it all comes down to the basic, fundamental economic principle of “Supply and Demand,” providing you with the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the appearance of wearing a veritable fortune worth of dazzlingly lustrous and ornately iridescent pearls, for a mere fraction of the cost commonly associated with Saltwater pearls.

First of all, freshwater mussels are much larger than the typical oysters that provide saltwater pearls and mussels can produce up to thirty-two pearls at a time, unlike their saltwater cousins and counterparts who can only produce a single, solitary pearl at a time.

When pearl farmers can instantly increase their bounty by a 32 to 1 ratio, the cost of farming these momentous “mollusk miracles” is dramatically reduced and quite logically, that savings get passed on to you, the customer.

So what can we determine about the quality, strength and integrity of these lovely freshwater pearls? Well, the good news is, since the particular “irritants” that are encountered or intentionally utilized to instigate the creation of a pearl are usually so much smaller than those involved in the production of saltwater pearls, it turns out that the freshwater pearls actually have much larger percentage of “nacre” to “core irritant” than the saltwater pearls.

That means much more actual “pearl per pearl” and this significantly increased “nacre” provides these lustrously alluring beauties with a much stronger and far more durable surface that is resistant to damage, degeneration and degradation, such as chipping, cracking, or wearing down over time, making freshwater pearls a perfect choice for “Heirloom Jewelry" that makes meaningful memories while lasting numerous lifetimes over the vast eons of generations and generations to come.