"A New Star Takes The Fashion World's Center Stage "The Soufflé Pearl!" 

Appropriately named after the elegantly delectable gourmet dish that is known for weighing in heavily on tremendous flavor and exquisite taste … but physically … “light as a feather” and practically floating above the plate upon which it is served, the new, trend setting “Soufflé Pearl” is the getting a lot of attention, respect and admiration in both the jewelry industry and Fashion world.  souffle

These amazingly unique and stylishly fascinating pearls are very, very “baroque” in physical character, existing in some of the most outlandishly original shapes ever witnessed in the world of pearl jewelry. 

The pearls exhibit and exude a brilliantly radiant luster when fully polished.  This gives these delightful pearls a wide range of personality and intensity, while beautifully shimmering with their own organically natural “inner beauty” and color, as well as enthusiastically reflecting the full chromatic spectrum of variant colors provided by one’s own outfit and immediate environment.

The soufflé pearl ranges from the most majestic gold to the deepest green you’ve ever seen … and everything that’s in between, from violet, lavender, blue, brown,  yellow orange and red, to the traditionally classic pure whites, off-whites, beiges, and grays. 

While being most impressive in size and girth, these gorgeous beauties don’t weigh very much at all, as they are totally hollow at the center. Therefore, even though “Soufflé Pearls” are actually quite enormous in size, commonly measuring in at up to 25mm in stature, the luxuriously lucky lady who gets to wear them will be amazed at the exceptional comfort these pearls are to wear. No neck and back aches or worry about sprained wrists here! 

While the magnificent rainbow of color shinning forth from the soufflé pearl is all natural, the pearl itself is actually quite meticulously “cultured” in a state of the art process that is a most impressive, harmonically balanced and blended combo of  centuries of traditionally classic, pearl expertise … and the latest and greatest, insightfully impressive innovations found today in modern science. 

The pearl is creatively nucleated with pond mud, formed into tiny balls, hardened in the sun and carefully inserted into the host “mother of pearl,” a freshwater mollusk.

Like a prized, luxuriously light and fashionably fluffy delicacy from a posh and trendy eatery, get these “soufflés” while they’re “HAUTE” … or you just might completely miss out on the most recent fine jewelry discovery of a lifetime!