Four Truths About Tahitian Pearls That Most Jewelers Won't Tell You!

Most people are well aware of the fact that “Tahitian Pearl Jewelry” is considered to be at the very pinnacle peak of the world’s most beautiful, precious, sought out and valued jewelry on Earth. Unfortunately, there are also some well established and commonly believed misconceptions and myths surrounding these majestic and mesmerizing treasures that need to be debunked, clarified and set straight. 

Tahitian Pearls Are Not Actually From Tahiti.

While the vast majority of people, including many jewelers might quite logically assume that “Tahitian” pearls are either organically found or commercially farmed in Tahiti, the truth of the matter is something that well may shock or surprise your senses. 

Fact: Tahiti actually doesn’t have a single pearl farm located on the island. All Tahitian Pearl production takes place on pearl farms that are located “throughout and about” French Polynesia, stretching as far east as the Gambier Islands and as far west as the Micronesian Islands.

They are called “Tahitian Pearls” due to the fact that the Island of Tahiti is the official commercial center and trading hub of this particularly rare and valuable type of pearl, called “The Tahitian!”

Tahitian Pearls Are The ONLY “Naturally Black” Pearls Found On Earth.

All other types of black pearls are artificially processed with various man-made chemicals and machines in order to simulate the deliciously deep and delectably dark “pure black” essence and radiance of Tahitian Pearls.

“Buyer Beware!” It’s always a wise decision to be sure to ask about the “GIA Certification” (The Gemological Institute of America is the world's foremost authority in gemology grading, certification, authentication and education) of the pearls themselves, as well as the Jeweler who is selling the pearls to you, before handing over your money and making your purchase!

Not All Tahitian Pearls Are Black!


Once again, it’s like an assignment in “Logic” from school, but while it is definitely true that Tahitians are the only naturally black pearl in existence, it’s also equally true that Tahitian Pearls come in a wide ranging variety of colors and hues from radiant blues, greens and purples to the most spectacularly luminescent silver, pistachio and the ever popular “Haute Couture” favorite … “Peacock!”  

Tahitian Pearls: Rare, Superior Quality – But NOT Overly Expensive!

While it’s true that real, authentic “Tahitian Pearls’ are quite rare and are of clearly superior, premium quality, they don’t necessarily have to be overly expensive. Like with anything else in life, it’s all about where and from whom you choose to make your purchase!

Here are a couple of valuable tips that could very easily save you as much as 60% on your authentic and certified “Tahitian Pearl Jewelry” purchases. 

(1) Be sure to purchase your “Tahitian Pearl Jewelry” from a “GIA Certified Pearl Specialist,” someone who is a legitimate pearl expert and whose entire focus is on pearls … and nothing but pearls. This is where you will quite logically find the absolute highest quality pearl, at the lowest possible prices, because all of their attention and 100% of their stock and inventory is exclusively premium quality pearls. 

(2) Buy online! The internet allows those renowned and respected experts who were once geographically limited “regional resources” … to now expand their superior knowledge, inventory, customer service and expertise to wherever you may be located on planet Earth.

That includes positioning YOU to take full advantage of the tremendous savings that they now naturally incur by (a) dealing exclusively with fine, premium quality pearls and (b) not having the huge overhead costs of maintaining a lavish show-room and giant warehouse, not to mention the additional costs to of a full staff of trained employees to run such a gigantically obsolete enterprise.