Pearl Outlet Testimonials

Whether you're buying pearls as a present for Christmas, an anniversary, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, for your bridesmaids, or even for yourself, you'll want to read what many of our other customers had to say.

I just received my beautiful Akoya pearl necklace and earrings and I want to thank you all very much. They are stunning! The earrings also match my A+ Mikimoto strand, and they cost less than a quarter of what I would have paid for 8.5mm A+ Mikimoto earrings! Thank you, again.

Mary Ann from Virginia
Product: Akoya Pearl Necklace - 7.5mm AAA 24"
Product: Akoya Pearl Earrings - 8.5mm AAA

I received my pearl earrings today, I ordered 3 pairs to treat myself. I ordered the 8.0-8.5 mm Akoya stud earrings, and also the 10 mm natural Lavender freshwater pearl studs, as well as the 10 mm Tahitian dangle earrings in white 14 K gold. I must say when I opened each box I was very impressed and I am picky about my pearls. (I had just finished sending three pairs of earrings back to where I ordered them from (2 different vendors online) because they did not appear clean, the freshwater and south sea pearls were very irregular in shape, and the other pairs had obvious dents or ridges that were immediately apparent. ) Your pearls are beautiful, very very clean, perfectly round and the color is stunning. In particular, I love the champagne color of the Akoya's. They literally glow with warm overtones. The lavender's are truly well matched and for freshwater pearls, they are the cream of the crop. I am glad I chose the size of the Tahitian's that I did, because they are perfect, sort of a silver-ish overtone. One of these days, I am going to treat myself to some Tahitian pearls with a peacock color for sure. Also on my wish-list is a 22" Akoya pearl necklace and a tin-cup necklace as well. I will surely order from you again. Thank you for making my day.

Julia T, RN MSN CEN from Oregon
Product: Champagne Akoya Earrings - 8-8.5mm AAA
Product: Lavender Freshwater Earrings - 9-10mm AAA
Product: Tahitian Leverback Earrings - 10-10.5mm AAA

The AAA Akoya studs and pendant set in WG that you sent are stunning. Lovely rose overtone, outstanding luster -- they look like Mikimotos' best. Thanks for packing them with care and for shipping them so quickly.

Johanna L. from Massachusetts
Product: White Akoya Pendant and Earrings - 7.5mm AAA

I purchased a set of AA+ 7.5mm freshwater pearls (necklace, bracelet, earrings) from your website to give to our daughter-in-law. We live in Canada and it is always risky to order things over the internet between countries, but I decided to just have this item shipped using priority USPS and take my chances because your pricing was so good and the risk for loss, etc. was therefore minimal. The pearls arrived much quicker than expected and were shipped in a fashion that resulted in my not having to do anything other than sign at the door for them! No extra duty or taxes! I was thrilled! Thank you so much for that! I was also very impressed with the quality of the pearls and the case in which they were presented. I wasn’t able to give them to my daughter-in-law in person, as she lives in another city and I forwarded them to her via my other son after he came for a visit this past weekend. She called last evening to say she was “overwhelmed” by them. She still has to try the bracelet on for size but I am assuming it will fit her since it almost fits me and I am a larger size. (I’ve discovered that I would need at least an 8-8.5” bracelet – good to know for future reference!) I also wanted to let you know that in doing my research, I found it unique that you offer a set of pearls that features an 18” necklace, a 7.5” bracelet and nice round earrings. Often, the sets featured on websites seem to only come as a necklace with earrings or in smaller sizes of 16” and 7” respectively, which may fit the smaller person, but are not as realistic a size for anyone of average build with a wider neck and/or wrist and don’t allow for any growth/change in size. Also, earrings in the similarly priced full sets offered elsewhere are button shaped pearls. So, your company’s offering of the full, nicely round freshwater pearl AA+ 7.5mm set at this price was the best dealI found. I also checked out my local jewellery stores recently and they couldn’t match your offering in price or quality, and their freshwater pearl necklaces/bracelets are not knotted between the pearls. So, the quality and presentation were as advertised and lovely/impressive, the pricing was great, the delivery system was a fabulous cost-saving surprise and I have made my daughter-in-law very happy! Thank you!

Miriam F. from Windsor, ON Canada
Product: White Freshwater Pearl Set 7.5mm AA+

I just wanted to write you and tell you how THRILLED I am with the beautiful pearl earrings that I received. I have been scowering the internet and local jewelry stores in the Los Angeles area to find the perfect pearl earrings to wear with my Grandmother's Biwa pearl necklace for my wedding in July. I have been looking for large 10mm - 11mm freshwater studs that are perfectly round with a nice luster and couldn't find any that were priced less than $350 or so. I saw that you had a great return policy and thought at this really low price, what do I have to lose if they don't turn out to be that great. Wow, was I ever wrong. The pearl earrings that I received are increadibly beautiful! I am so happy with them that not only do I plan on keeping them and wearing them for my wedding, but I have worn them every day since I received them. ; I'm also planning to buy a matching necklace in the larger sized pearls following my wedding. (My wedding pearl necklace is comprised of very small pearls, which I like for sentimental reasons, but even those genuine Lake Biwa freshwater pearls do not compare to the beauty of these earrings).

Kim U. from Marina del Rey, CA
Product: White Freshwater Pearl Earrings 10.5mm AAA

Hello Pearl people,
I really do appreciate your email updates on your sales. Recently I received such an update and decided to see if I could find something for 2 birthdays - one for my mother and the other for a friend. My mother received the golden pearl tin cup style necklace and my friend received her necklace and earrings. My mother is ecstatic and so is my friend. They both loved their gifts and I love that these purchases not only pleased them to no end but did not put me in the poor house! This is the third time I have ordered from Pearl Outlet and I am thoroughly pleased with your integrity and high level of professionalism. Orders have always arrived in a most timely manner and the quality and workmanship of all your products is first class. I will continue to order from you for years to come. Thank you and keep up the excellent service.

Sonam from University Place, Washington
Product: Golden Akoya Tin-cup Necklace

I have just received my SECOND strand of pearls from you and I am beyond pleased! They are BEAUTIFUL! I never thought I'd be able to afford a lovely strand of South Seas but thanks to you, I not only can but they far surpassed my wildest expectations. Thank you so much!!!!

Donna C. from California
Product: Golden and White South Sea Necklace 18" Semi-Baroque

I just wanted to write in and thank you for fast shipment of my pearl earrings. In case there are hesitant customers out there, I wanted to let them know that PearlOutlet is definitely trustworthy. I would characterize myself as a pearl connoisseur who is extremely picky about her pearls. I have had many frustrating experiences with other retailers/internet stores claiming to sell AAA grade pearls only to be disappointed by too many surface defects or lack of luster. Let me just say that I am "over the moon" with my purchase. Not only are the pearls beautiful with no surface defects but they have mirror like luster. Thank you! You have earned a repeat customer.

Mary from Colorado
Product: Akoya Saltwater Cultured Pearl Earrings 8.5-9mm AAA

Dear Pearl Outlet Staff,
I have ordered from you a few times now and just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service and goods that you have provided me. The multicolor freshwater necklace you just sent me is absolutely stunning. I've made purchases of similar lines from some of your competitors and have always had good experiences, but I have never been more impressed with a purchase. Your prices and quality are unbelievable.

Brad - WA
Product: GEM Quality Multicolor Pearl Necklace 8-9mm 18"

Hi I just received my pearls today. The pictures on your website are good but don't do justice. I can't stop looking at them. I have never seen pearls as gorgeous as these. The quality is unbelievable. The luster blinds you. They look great on...just incredibly show stopping. Thank you. Wish I could take another strand. I will be back. By the way the catch is good and very workable. Thank you again, a very satisfied customer.

Andrea - NJ
Product: Tahitian Pearl Necklace 8 - 9mm GEM with Ball Clasp

I would just like to say how absolutely delighted I am with the pearl earrings that arrived today. I have been searching for some time and these are exactly what I wanted. I must also thank you for the wonderful service! I can't believe how quickly they have arrived. I must confess I had some reservations placing the order, but these have been completely proved wrong. Many thanks again!

Heather - UK
Product: Classic Tahitian Earrings 9mm AAA

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my entire purchase from your company! I ordered the 100" strand that you had on sale, and I figured for the price not to expect too much, but that I would have a strand that would be fun to wear. I ordered on the Friday, and the Monday the pearls arrived. I can only say that I was blown away!! Firstly, your shipping was super fast. Secondly, the pearls came in the most beautiful case, and lastly, the quality of the pearls far exceeded my expectation. They are spectacular, and I can say with all honestly that this strand will very easily become my new favorite! Thank you so much. My first dealing with your company has been the most pleasant one, and you can most certainly expect more orders from me in the future.

Charonne - NC
Product: White Freshwater Pearl Necklace 100" 6.5mm AA+

I called a few weeks ago to order a pearl necklace to give to my wife on our 40th anniversary. As I told you then I was a bit hesitant to order pearls over the internet, as I knew next to nothing about them. However, I ordered a necklace and hoped she would not be disappointed. Far from it. The necklace is beautiful, much nicer than the pictures show, and she wears them all the time now. Before ordering, I looked at the pearls at a well-known national jewelry chain. They were not as nice as yours, and the price was at least double the Pearl Outlet price. Amazing. I am delighted with your product and your service, and will order some earrings in the next few days.
Thanks again.

Product: 9.5mm AA+ White Freshwater Pearl Necklace

I just received (yesterday) a beautiful set of multi-colored freshwater pearls - AAA grade. I loved them immediately, thought about them overnight, and then ordered them in the morning. They arrived yesterday. What a wonderful purchase. Stunning! Beautiful! I wore them out to dinner tonight and will wear them into New York City tomorrow.
I will for sure be in touch regarding pearl purchases in the future. Thank you.

Delmar, NY
Product: 10.5-11.5mm AAA Quality Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Necklace

As I reached into the beautiful package, I never expected what my eyes would see! The Cranberry Pearls were so full of life, they made it Christmas all over again! The color is a pure thrill of life!
I don't know if you even realize how incredible your pearls are! They rock out over and above all! (so do the chocolates, Tahitians! and every one of them!)
That is why I won't buy from anybody else! How about Green pearls for spring? All the most grateful and appreciative heartfelt thanks!

R. D., NY
Product: 8-8.5mm Cranberry Pearl Bracelet - AA+

Just a quick note to say that I just received the strung necklace and I'm thrilled beyond expectation. Thank you and your staff, and best wishes for the New Year!

Liz - Cohoes, NY
Product: 10.5-11.5mm AA+ Quality Freshwater Pearl Necklace

I just now received my very first order of pearls from you......I am thrilled with this purchase! These have surpassed even MY expectations!....I am so honored to own these beautiful pearls! And Thank You so very much on responding to my dilemma on the gold color. I, too, think the yellow gold is prettier with pearls.....I'm ordering the matching earrings now.....
A Happy and Prosperous New Year To You,

Cynthia - Dallas, TX
Product: 8.5-9mm Gem Quality Freshwater Pearl Necklace

You talked with me on the phone this morning (12-1-08). Thanks so very much for your assistance in getting my pearls to the best address today! FedEx successfully did the redirect and I received them this afternoon at work.
And....WOW. I took them around and showed my friends who know what beautiful pearls look like...and they were very impressed with such fine attention to detail! I can hardly wait to present these as a graduation heirloom! Thanks, too, for the elegant graduated colored pearl necklace! Please know that when my friends ask where I got such lucious pearls, I won't hesitate to tell them!
Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.

Kind Regards, Debra

I just wanted to send you this note about how this transaction has exceeded my expectations. I just bought this gift for my daughter who is in Med School and I know she is going to love her new necklace. The quality of the necklace is outstanding. Also, my overall experience with your company has been a pleasant surprise. The item was delivered when promised and the packaging of the necklace was wonderful. I was really impressed how your company sent emails to indicate the order was being processed and inquired if the merchandise was delivered on time. I just wanted to take these few minutes to commend you and your terrific company and let you know you have a customer for life. I have just circulated your website to my family and friends highly recommending your company. Although I realize that you are a small, family-owned company, I truly wish some of the more larger companies would conduct business like you have. Thank you for a job well done.


I am writing to say thank you to you and your staff! I am overwhelmed by the level of customer service that your company provides. It has far exceeded my expectation. When I wrote to you regarding the problem I had with the necklace that I had purchased from you I didn't even expect to receive a reply - but not only did you respond but you replied to my e-mail the same day as you had received it! Then when you offered your apologies and said that you would send another necklace to me, I thought it was too good to be true, but you stayed true to your word and I received the necklace today.
Your level of professionalism, integrity and genuine care and concern for your customers is beyond anything I have ever experienced before. I cannot thank you enough. Not only have you restored my faith in on-line shopping but in the goodness of humanity itself!


Hello Terry, Crystal, and staff,
Just a note to let you know that I received my freshwater necklace and bracelet. I am a pearl connoisseur and appreciate quality and beauty. The purchase I made was a whim from a sale ad you had sent via email. I thought, why not, it would be a great way to see the quality of the items without spending a whole lot of money. To my surprise, the pearl set came within days of ordering, in two beautiful presentation boxes, with quality that surpassed my expectations. Especially for the price I paid, incredible! To add more to my pleasure, a hand written note was included to a comment I made in the comment box prior to shipping. Your company and staff are incredible in making my first time experience in dealing with you so wonderful! You can be sure that I will be a repeat client and will exclaim praises to all who are in the market for some quality pearls and service. Thank you for bringing personal service and care to your company and products.


Thank you for the exquisite strand of 9.5 mm pearls received today. Since I have purchased six of seven strands recently acquired from the Pearl Outlet previously, I didn't think it possible to acquire a strand that would exceed the 7.5mm perfectly matched triple strand set purchased in December. This strand is not only perfect, but is the flag ship of my collection. I wear pearls 60-70% of my work week and through the years I have found the 20 inch length to work best with my necklines so I considered this purchase an investment in my image and will wear them often and expect the utmost praise. Thank you for getting them to me the next day following order -- in the midst of the Valentines Day frenzy. It's like you give each and every customer special attention. Thanks again and have a blessed day.

P. Phillips

I just wanted to thank you all (Y'all - I'm from the south - NC ) for your prompt attention to my order. I received the merchandise within 4 days. When I looked at it, I thought "great", but I am no pearl expert. When I saw the certificate of estimated price, I thought the same thing - namely "yeah right" (just like an MSRP or Kelly Blue Book value for an auto - very inflated) - no one can sell that quality for that price. Imagine my surprise when I received a brochure for almost the exact same merchandise, from a VERY trusted company, (take this part out if you need to for advertising purposes - it was USAA - I have been with them since 1982, and bought quite a bit of jewelry from them) advertising the same thing (at lesser quality) for about 20% MORE than your STATED APPRAISAL! (Which was about 5 times more than I paid you guys for it). I have several friends in the jewelry business and they were most impressed with the value. (18" strand of AA+ Akoya pearls) One offered to buy it on the spot for more than twice than I paid you guys, planning to re-sell it, no doubt, at a tidy profit. Anyway, Thanks again, and expect to have me as a loyal customer whenever I need to buy pearls.

Tom R.
Asheville, NC

I received my pearls today and almost cried! They are truly beautiful and the best in quality I could have imagined. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me and be so helpful. My husband will be getting my Christmas present from your store and you have customers for life now!


Dear Terry and Team,
A huge thank you from Down Under for the swift arrival of my pearls.
Not only were they exactly what I had pictured, the presentation box in which they came was absolutely fabulous, making them look like a million dollars. I thank you for addressing my initial concerns with internet ordering and I am more than pleased to have dealt with your company, so much so I have already been on the phone to recommend your company to all my friends.
Thank you and God Bless!

Julie Gleeson

Just wanted to let you know that the pearls I ordered on Tuesday arrived this morning (Friday), and I'm absolutely delighted with them. Thank you so much for your help, and for your lightning quick service. I just wish it was like this buying things from the UK! Thanks once again.
Kind regards,

Erika Williams
United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Brian Stanley and I just recently purchased a pearl bracelet from you. I wanted to write a thank you to you, because of the excellent customer service that you provided to me. My fiance loves the exceptional pearl bracelet that you sold me. I will definetly recommend you to all of my friends. I bought the bracelet for a valentine's gift and was expecting it to come a couple days after valentine's day, due to the date I ordered, but to my amazement it was sent overnight for free and made it to me on valentine's day. It was absolutely perfect. Again Thanks so much for the excellent service you provide.

Brian Stanley.

I want you all to know that I am extremely pleased with the service I received from your company. Although it may have been a mistake, it seems that someone foresaw that my gift was a Valentine's Day present and upgraded my shipping to overnight for free. Your product was flawless, beautifully packed, and included all the appropriate paperwork. I don't know if I'll be buying pearls again any time soon, but I will definately be a return customer. Even your certificate was customized to my specific order, nice touch. Thanks a lot. I will have a very happy girlfriend.

Cameron Knight

I had to send you an email thanking you for running such a wonderful business. Your customer service has been on of the best experiences I have ever had, at either an online store or a brick-and-mortar store. And the pearls! I have never seen such beautiful pearls at such an affordable cost before!
I ordered a set of pearls from you to wear for my wedding. They arrived and were even more beautiful than my expectations. I happily wore them on my wedding day and received many, many compliments on them. I always told anyone who asked where I found such beautiful pearls about The Pearl Outlet. I hadn't been able to come up with anything meaningful to give my bridesmaids as a thank you gift. Then I was going through old emails, saw one from you all, and realized that I should get them pearls! Because of my prior experience there wasn't a moments hesitation about ordering them, the only problem was deciding what to get them each! The pearls just arrived today and I am so pleased with them. They are just as lovely as I had expected them to be. I can't wait to give them to my girls!
I don't write many letters, but I felt I needed to let you know that I love your pearls and love the top notch, professional way you handle your business. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job, and believe me, if I or anyone I know needs any type of pearls, there won't be any question at all about where to purchase them!
P.S. I love design, and I love the way your business cards are designed as well, their elegance and fun exactly represents the pearls you sell.

Tressa Smith

I started shopping for pearls at the department and jewelry stores around town. Quickly, I found out how expensive pearls can be. A friend told me that he knew a flight attendant for a major carrier that flies to the orient. He said the flight attendant would save me thousands of dollars. I met with the flight attendant, and purchased a 24 inch strand of "Akoya Pearls" for $600. When I had them independently appraised, the jeweler informed me that I had actually purchased Chinese Freshwater Pearls with a retail value of about $500. Fortunately, I was able to get most of my money back from the flight attendant.
I decided to go online and search for pearls. After several days of searching, it was obvious that the Pearl Outlet offered the best product at the best price. I ordered a 24 inch akoya pearl necklace. It arrived a few days later in a beautiful jewelry box with a certificate of appraisal. The pearls have an excellent luster and color. I took the necklace to the jewelry store for appraisal. The local jewelry store told me these were genuine akoya pearls, and an outstanding value, and very beautiful pearls. The pearls appraised at over 3 times what I paid for them!
My wife loves them, and now, I tell everyone to buy their pearls from
Thanks again for the best pearls at the best price.

Ross D.
Collierville TN

I was just going through and cleaning out some of my email folders. It has been a while, but it reminded me that I wanted to give you some feedback on the pearls I bought for my wife. She was absolutely thrilled and I can honestly say that the ones I looked at locally were of much poorer quality in comparison. The size matching, color and shape of the local products was very poor - there were even visible signs of damage to the surface of the pearls. In stark contrast, your product was well matched in size and color, very round and nice luster. Locally, I could not have obtained pearls of this quality at any price, so there is really no way to compare, but even the poorer quality product was nearly 4 times the price. I could not have gotten a better value anywhere. Thank you for your commitment to providing superior quality at an affordable price. You have made high quality pearls accessible to the average guy like me.


WOW!!! May i say that again, WOW!!!
I learned of your company while at the jewlery counter of a local store. I asked the sales person if she could tell me something about her pearl necklaces. She shook her head and said she really didn't know much about pearls other than the price. Just then a women next to me said she had spent the last six months finding out all she could about pearls and would be happy to answer my questions. Not only was she very helpful in clearing up a number of mis-conceptions I had but absolutly raved about your company. She told me in no uncertain terms that if I were to buy pearls that The Pearl Outlet was the place to go. I went right home and pulled up the website and as of 11:00 am today i was looking at my wife's christmas present and could not be happier!!! You folks deserve a great deal of credit for not only having the best pieces and prices I've seen but for doing to me what you have done to the lady that helped me, made me a life-long customer and a walking advertisment!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


I wanted to say that I'm impressed by your excellent service and the quality of your product. I am usually a skeptic about online purchase especially jeweller, but you are so different from the others and do care about the customer. I ordered a pearl earrings for Christmas and just wanted to see if your pearl are really good quality compared to others I bought from the store. To my surprise, they are better and better value. Also to note, I waited two weeks and did not see my order so I called your customer service. They figured that the prior order sent out could have lost in mail and they fedex me right away to get that in time for Christmas. This is what I called customer service. I would definately buy from the pearloutlet again and recommeded it to others who experience bad service and bad quality from other retailers.


I ordered a AAA necklace and AAA bracelet for my wife-A Christmas and anniversary present. I want you to know that the quality of your pearls are unmatched by any I have seen around this town. My wife loves pearls and this was my first attempt at buying them and I can tell you that I will be purchasing more and they will be coming from The Pearl Outlet. I can not tell you how pleased I was with the person I talked to on the phone and the way in which my order was handled. I am very impressed so far and I really appreciate the fact that when I called, I did not get a "sales person". I got someone that understood what I wanted, promised to get them for me and promised I would be satisfied. I am very picky when it comes to jewelry for my wife and we are very happy. The quality of your pearls are by far the most important thing but don't underestimate the importance of how well your sales individual handled my order. When I call back to order or tell others to order from The Pearl Outlet, I will be calling him to place the order. Thanks again for the effort and the quality of your jewelry.

Chief Executive Officer
Southern Hills Medical Center

I wanted to write to you and compliment on the excellent service I received with my most recent order. You processed and shipped my order so promptly (and upgraded the delivery to 2nd day FedEx) that I was concerned no one would be able to sign for it when it arrived. I called customer service and spoke with a man named John. He called me back within 10 minutes to let me know the shipment had been re-routed to my office. It arrived the next day.
The caliber of merchandise and customer service at your site is excellent. I don't hesistate to recommend The Pearl Outlet to my friends.
Thanks Again.


Thank you very much. I received the bracelet and it looks great with my Mikimoto necklace and earrings. I'll definitely refer friends to you in search of similar products.

Svay M.

Dear Pearl Outlet,
I just received my second purchase from the Pearl Outlet and just had to tell you again how pleased I am. I purchased the new pink pear shaped dangle pearl earrings and they are absolutely gorgeous! I just love the creamy pink color. I can't wait to see what new earrings you come up with in the future.
Your quality and prices just can't be beat.
I am going to continue to purchase your beautiful pearl jewelry. I have shown your beautiful pearls to all my friends and family and tell them about your company. Thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with you again.

Sincerely, Darlene

Picked the Tahitian necklace and the earrings up over lunch. They are smashing. The appraisal was with them as well. Thank you for your personal attention through the process. I am sure my wife is going to be first shocked and then ecstatic over them. She is fair skinned and blond and the contrast should be striking. Looking at them with the naked eye over lunch I did not notice any blemishes and the luster of the necklace is very good. The earrings are incredible - razor sharp reflections. Again thanks. This is a gift appropriate for a 30th wedding anniversary.
Pearls arrived Monday the 22nd, they look to be everything you said they would. Luster is so high that they seem to almost glow.
Thank you for helping me make the choice.


Dear Pearl Outlet,
I'm a 61 year old fund raising professional with the American Cancer Society, ordering via the internet for the first time this year. I needed a nice set of pearls for my wife for our 39th anniversary at the end of December. I looked in jewelry stores, department stores and on the internet.
Your website was attractive and easy to navigate. I ordered a necklace & bracelet for my wife and had them sent to my office so I could surprise her. The order arrived today and I just had to tell you how pleased I was with my purchase. I will tell all my friends about the Pearl Outlet and if I ever need to purchase pearls again, you can be certain I'll return for my next purchase. I couldn't be more pleased with the service, the product and the support. Oh yes, my purchase price was less than $100 and I couldn't find anything to compare in Dallas for less than $300. Thanks for a wonderful shopping experience!

Pax Tecum,
Raymond L. Lanham
Director of Estate and Asset Services
American Cancer Society
Dallas metro market
(214) 819-1229 office
(214) 732-9124 cell

Please remember the American Cancer Society in your will or trust.
The pearl necklace and matching earrings arrived today. You were right I am impressed with your quality. (and prices) I was weak and couldn't wait for Christmas, I showed them to my wife and she loves them. We are so happy. Thanks again and I will let anyone who wants to know where I got them. I've got your extra cards.


I received the necklace on Friday... Absolutely stunning! The quality of the pearls in every category exceeds the expectation I had envisioned of them. I wish to thank you for the prompt and professional way that The Pearl Outlet has handled this transaction.


This is just to thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent quality of the pearl necklace I ordered from you several days ago.
I purchased this necklace as a replacement for one which I had bought at the Beijing Pearl Market a year ago. Unfortunately, I lost that necklace last spring when the clasp came undone somewhere, and have never found it again.
When I decided to replace it, I started looking in various department stores, jewelry stores, etc. but couldn't find any triple strands like the one I had lost. Then I found your website. Your descriptions, information, and testimonials led me to believe that you were a reputable firm, and your money-back guarantee convinced me to make the purchase.
I am more than impressed with the quality of the pearls. My only complaint: they look better than the ones I lost - but cost less!

Thanks again,

I received the pearls they are lovely. Thanks so much I look forward to doing business again.


Lovely pearls, I am very happy with my purchase. Rather than paying for an appraisal (for $65 and up), I took the bracelet to several jewelers and asked them to match a suitable necklace. They all commented that these pearls were very nice, and to my eye they were superior to those in necklaces priced under $1000. At the two stores which had close matches, by their recommendation and also to my eye, the necklaces were AA and "discount" priced at between $1100 and $1300. To my eye, they were identical in quality - in fact I thought the bracelet was slightly nicer than one and not quite as nice as the other, but any difference was minimal and possibly subjective (perhaps color match rather than luster, certainly not size or roundness). I did not see any pearls represented as A that looked of the same quality as what you sold me. My wife is delighted. - Best Regards,


Thank you very much. Let me add that it is refreshing to find businessmen
who value their word and reputation as much as their product. It is more rare and more valuable than say, "pearls of great price".

Terry D.

PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish I could leave this comment & mention the commitment you made to our satisfaction on your web site, or eBay, or a full page ad in the New York Times, or somewhere! Thank you so much for your consideration in our satisfaction. I'm telling people I don't even know, about your business and referring my highest regards. Your site has a permanent place in my bookmarks. Again, my most sincerest thanks.


I received the pearl necklace/bracelet today and wanted you to know how pleased I am. They are lovely and I'm sure I'll wear them with pleasure for many years to come. I certainly never expected the presentation case on top of everything else. Thanks again,


Just a note to say I love the products I've received from your site. I haven't ordered anything in a while, but I browse the site often and if the urge hits me I know the products are tops and your service/shipping depts. are excellent. I think the updated web-pages are terrific and I appreciate the occasional e-mail messages on specials and new products.