Wedding Party 4 - Freshwater and Saltwater Collection B

Wedding Party 4 - Freshwater and Saltwater Collection B

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The entire wedding party will fall in love with this stunning collection of Akoya saltwater and freshwater pearls. The bride's 18" necklace is strung with perfectly round, 6.5-7mm, Akoya saltwater pearls. Each individually knotted pearl has an excellent luster and shine, which is due to the depth of the nacre. The necklace is finished with a stylish 14 karat solid gold clasp. 7mm Akoya pearl earrings have 14k solid gold posts. Bridesmaids will love the complete set of freshwater pearls which includes a 17" necklace, 7 1/2" bracelet, and stud earrings. The necklace and bracelet are composed of 7.5mm pearls. The clasps and studs are solid 14k gold.
The set includes:

18" 6.5-7mm Akoya Saltwater Pearl Necklace AA+ (Bride)
7mm Akoya Saltwater Pearl Earrings AA+ (Bride)
17" 7.5mm Freshwater Pearl Necklace AA+(Bridesmaids)
7.5" 7.5mm Freshwater Pearl Bracelet AA+(Bridesmaids)
7.5 mm Freshwater Pearl Earrings AA+(Bridesmaids)

If you're interested in a size not shown here, call us. We can custom make a pearl bracelet or necklace to your exact specifications.

Each of our wedding collections is shipped in beautiful satin and velvet lined gift boxes for elegant presentation and safe keeping. We keep all our pearls in inventory and ship the pearls the business day after your order is received.

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